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Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – A Very Popular Choice

It was mostly men who used to prefer tattoos of the dragon. Girl with a dragon tattoo is a new concept and it has now become a very popular choice. Dragons are considered very powerful and revered creatures as per oriental culture (Chinese and Japanese) and there are certain beliefs associated with these designs.

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

These designs come in various shapes and designs and you would be surprised to know that the designs as per Chinese culture do not depict wings on the dragon while Japanese culture depicts their dragons with wings. Each one of these designs has a meaning associated with it. There are hundreds of tattoo designs for girls and you can make the choice based on your individual preference. Here is a list of dragon designs and the meanings associated with them, which will help you in making an informed choice.

The Lung dragon design of the Chinese represents the power that is mysterious and enchanting. Water resources of the world are depicted by the Ti Luns design.

The yellow dragon design is said to symbolize knowledge that has no limits.

Strength and compassion are represented by the golden dragon tattoo designThe black colored dragons of Japanese are said to indicate wisdom.

Sai Ru design of dragon tattoo represents rain.

Great power and longevity are indicated by the HaiRun design (it is said to be the largest dragon). It is important that girls make the correct choice of designs and proper placement of these dragon tattoo designs is equally crucial. A very popular choice of placing these designs among girls is the back, arms and stomach region.

The tattoos are displayed in a variety of colors and you can also have fire breathing dragons depending on your individual choice. Each color of the dragon depicts a different meaning and it is important that you understand its significance before making a final decision.Green colored dragons are said to symbolize life and earth whereas things such as wisdom and kindness are depicted by the golden colored dragons. The choice of colors also represents different directions. East is said to be represented by the color yellow, while blue represents the west.

It is important that you go to a good tattoo designer who has experience in creating dragon tattoos. It is considered bad luck to have a tattoo that is disfigured or not proper in shape. You can check the previous tattoo designs of a dragon done by the designer before making the decision.

Although girl with the dragon tattoo is a new concept, the number of girls who have been opting for these wonderful designs has been on the increase as they look very feminine.

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