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Sales Recruitment Options

Sales Recruitment Services and Features

It varies from company to company, but there are many sales recruitment services available and all have one common goal. That is to get you a viable and successful employee for your sales vacancy. Many recruitment firms just hand you a Baccarat portfolio of applicants without having done any kind of research or profiling and others like Aaron Wallis, follow a strict and necessary screening and application procedure, so that you get the best person for the job every time. This is possible due to three very simple, yet highly effective features.

They have a rebate system, which will give you money Sbobet88 back if the employee you choose leaves within 12 months. In the first 2 weeks, you can get a full 100 % refund, or a free candidate replacement. This rebate system is also applicable in the event of an employee’s death during that time. This is an investment security option that no other sales recruitment consultant offers.

The next very important factor for succeeding in the sales recruitment service sector is the correct procedure for screening applicants. This will not only save you time and money, but it will serve to save any applicant’s time as well. They do not have to come to unnecessary interviews and wait for lengthy periods of time before they are told they are not right for the job. This procedure consists of psychometric profiling which is done upon application. It will give you insight into the applicant’s preferred working environment, social capacity, ability to handle pressure and more. With this PIP system, you can quickly separate the right candidates from the rest.

The final process is the testing phase of the. You can choose from over 800 skills and ability tests that each applicant must complete. This will give you a better idea as to how skilled they are for the different parts of the job that they are needed for, and will help you choose the top candidates from the pile of hopefuls. The tests are all based on knowledge of subjects and last around 15 40 minutes. The tests can be anything like spelling and vocabulary, math and numeral reasoning, to marketing basics, IT technology and business writing. There are even tests for admin and clerical skills.

These sales recruitment services and features are things that need to be looked out for when choosing your leading sales recruitment agency to handle all of your company’s hiring needs. At Aaron Wallis, everything that has been mentioned above is included in the fixed rate for the standard package. There is nothing to lose with this service and only a willing, loyal, dedicated and capable employee to gain.