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How to Unlock PDF file without Password – Trusted Solution

This website publishes introduces some simple methods how to unlock Pdf without password. Read and discover how various methods may be used to unlock PDF files without passwords.

PDF is easily the most broadly used document among users. The PDF could be guaranteed either with passwords or with limitations. Security is put in to safeguard the document from others.

However, there are lots of times when users wish to Unlock PDF files without a password. Hence, we’ve discussed some simple methods to remove such example security. So stay tuned in up until the finish to Adobe PDF file without a password.

How to Unlock PDF File without Password – Manual Method

Method 1. Unlock Password Protected PDF using Chrome

Google Chrome includes a built-in PDF readers function you can use to spread out and examine PDF files. Also, this internet browser may be used to unlock PDF with no password on any Home windows or Mac operating system. Users don’t need to install any extra application or software to do this. However, before using this technique, users should be aware of a couple of things.

  • A single PDF file can be used at the same time
  • PDF print option must be activated

Steps to Unlock password-protected PDF without password

  • Open the PDF document with Google Chrome.
  • Click the Print button on the left.
  • Now click on the Change button that is located under the target.
  • In the Local Destination section, click the Save as PDF option.
  • Now click the Save button, choose the destination location and enter the resulting file name.

Method 2. How to Unlock Protected PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

You can’t unlock an Adobe PDF document using Adobe Reader DC. You’ll need the entire form of the Acrobat program to handle the procedure. However, you should use Acrobat Electricity to ensure the character of peace of mind in the next ways:

  • Open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  • Go to File >> Properties
  • Click the Security tab
  • View all permissions under Document Restrictions Summary
  • Steps to Unsafe PDF Using Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Open the PDF file and click the lock icon.
  • Select “Permission Details” click the “Security Methods” menu and select “No Security”.
  • Enter the authorization password to unsecure a PDF file
  • Now save the file in any location

How to Unlock PDF File without Password – Automated Method

Because there are many online methods to unprotect guaranteed PDF documents, it might be very hard for that user to find the right one. While manual methods take considerable time to unlock. Therefore, it is best to utilize the Top Rated PDF Restriction Remover Software to remove PDF restrictions.

With this particular software, user-protected PDF could be unlocked with no password. Additionally, all limitations for example copying, printing, editing, commenting, signing, etc. may be easily lifted. The program can be obtained for Home windows and Mac users. Additionally, there’s no limit to how big the unsecured PDF document.

Method to Use the PDF Restriction Remover Software

Step 1. Launch & Run the Software

sys pdf unlock tool

Step 2. Click on the Add File or Add folder Option to insert PDF File

sys pdf unlocker tool

Step 3. Choose the Save or Print option as per your requirement

sys pdf unlock tools

Step 4. Select destination folder & hit the Unlock Button to Unlock PDF

How to Unlock PDF file without Password

Step 5. At the Last, the tool displays process completed

Free Online PDF Password Remover


In this article, we have discussed different solutions for how to unlock PDF file without password. We’ve also covered the manual and automated solutions for this. Users can choose any method to unlock secured PDF documents.

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