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How To Get Free Shopping Vouchers

As more and more retailers turn to the Internet to promote their products and services, it is now possible to get free shopping vouchers, if you know where to look. Some people may immediately claim that “there is no free lunch”, but once you understand how the concept works, you know that the deals are valid.

There are two goals that retailers are looking to achieve. One, they are looking to get valuable customer feedback. The Internet offers them a channel to collect such feedback. Two, they want to encourage potential customers to try out their products and services. For such cases, a valid credit card may be required.

Free Shopping Vouchers

So you get two types of offers here: survey type and trial offers. Here is the deal. If you can give these retailers what they want, they are willing to reward you with free gifts. Free gifts may include shopping vouchers, dining vouchers, gas vouchers, and so on.

Qualifying for the reward is simple. Each free gift will have its own qualification terms. Usually, the terms require you to complete at least X number of offers before you qualify for the gift. You can return to the website to complete the offers any time you like. But you must meet the qualification criteria before they will send you a free gift.

As mentioned, some offers are just plain surveys, and all you need to do is to fill up the survey forms. Some offers, require you to sign up for a trial offer, like a credit card or some home video subscription. Of course, these offers are optional. If they don’t appeal to you, you can always skip to the next offer. You can also cancel the subscription any time you like.

Sounds reasonable so far? So how do you start looking for such offers? You can find them on the Internet. There are specialized websites that are set up to offer exactly what you want – free shopping vouchers, free dining vouchers and more! They are even organized into categories so that you can quickly locate what you are looking for.

Bear in mind that there are many different types of vouchers available. To be more specific, you may see something like free pampers, free Popeye’s dining voucher, free Abercrombie and Fitch Gift Card, free Ed Hardy Gift Card, and others.

You can fill up as many offers as you like so that you can qualify for more free gifts. Pick the gifts that appeal to you, and visit the website. The site will start by prompting you for a valid email address. Enter your email to start.

Unfortunately, most offers are only available to U.S citizens, since the sponsors are mostly from the United States. Do check the fine print to make sure that you are eligible for participation before proceeding.