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Author: Beth Bell

Beth Bell innocent passion for Fashion, Technology & The Future Online Technology led to a stunning realization that she had a gift for channeling messages through Mother Nature. This unique relationship with flowers and the guidance she received from them changed her life in ways she never could have imagined.

Photography Tips: 5 Tips For Amateur Photographers

So you’ve just picked up your first SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera. You’ve read the manual and surfed the web, and now you’re ready to start taking some Pulitzer- grade photography. Right Sure! But before you take off with camera in hand, take a moment to read over these five tips so you can help your images go from great to fabulous.

1. Dump the Flash

While it’s true that professional photographers often do use a flash or complicated light rigs, you shouldn’t need a flash in most lighting conditions. Subjects shot without a flash often look more natural, and you’ll get much greater detail and depth by using natural light. Additionally, ditching the flash for the first week or so will make you intimately familiar with how your camera works with light? an invaluable skill for the beginning photographer.

2. Turn Off Auto Focus

There’s no arguing that a camera that auto-focuses is infinitely handy and easy to use. However, focusing on the fly is an important tool in any photographer’s toolbox. Considering the sad fact that cameras do not understand your intent, it’s up to you to make sure you’re focused on the right thing at the right time. It is incredible how unique and interesting an image can be when you allow the focus to move out of the direct center of the frame, so set this one to manual for a while.

3. Take a Photo Class

You can buy all the books in the world and browse the internet for days, but the absolute best way to learn about photography is in a hands-on environment. Find a class at a community college or local art school and see how understanding photography will improve your work for the better. As a bonus, your teacher will likely give you assignments based on individual elements of photography you may have never considered.

4. Say Farewell to Color

Before you dive into color, buy a few rolls of T-Max 400 (great B&W film) and see if taking it back to the basics changes your interpretation of the world around you. You know it’s time to upgrade to taking color images when you can print a black and white image that has pure black, pure white and every tone in between. Taking photos in black and white will force your mind to think less about the “image” and more about the importance of how light interacts with the objects in the frame.

5. Shoot, Shoot, Shoot

This may seem obvious, but if you’re interested in becoming a “great” photographer, you’ll need to shoot lots and lots of photos. The more you shoot, the better you’ll get. Photography is often as much about timing and luck as it is skill and equipment. Even “great” photographers only average three or four good shots at a time, so don’t worry about taking a lot of pictures. It’s far worse to miss a shot than take too many!

There is no great secret to being an amazing photographer. The more you challenge yourself, the better you will become. If you start with a strong understanding of how your camera works and what it takes to take a good photo, the rest will come with practice. Your camera will never change, only your ability to manipulate it. So keep your camera close and extra film (or a memory card) on-hand. Never be afraid to experiment with new ideas! And remember: The most important photograph in the world is the one you are about to take.

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Safari park Tours and Transportation

Have you always dreamed of going on a safari in the African steppes, but it is just too far? Now you can go here to San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

After a ride through the San Diego Zoo countryside, we arrive at San Diego Safari Park where you will have several options for safaris. There is the travel trailer or Africa Tram Safari or modern rolling safari where you ride on a Segway X2 and there is even an extravagant Flightline safari where you’ll see the park as an eagle on a 2/3 mile long line zip.

Whether you choose safari you will see all kinds of animals from Africa and Asia, such as elephants, lions, rhinos, gorillas, and much, much more. At 1,800 acres are home to more than 3,500 animals representing 439 species.

In addition, there are very interesting and fun entertainment, such as Frequent Flyers Bird Show and Amazing Race Cheetah. It is a new experience where everything you can see the fastest land mammal in the world to do what he does best, running.

Come with us and experience a real safari adventure in the heart of California.

Our operating days are Thursday, Friday, and Sunday from 10:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Prices:   Adult         Children – 11 and under

                $ 89              $ 79
(Including transportation and entrance fees at San Diego Safari Park with shows and Safari Tour)

We provide customized pick and drop from the attractions of San Diego Central

Example routing:

  • 9 am Departure San Diego San Diego Safari Park
  • 10:40 AM- Arrive in San Diego Safari Park
  • 4:00 PM- Departure San Diego Safari Park
  • 5:00 PM- Arrive in San Diego


  • Operates Thursday, Friday and Sunday
  • 8 hours of activity time
  • Roundtrip transportation included
  • 45 minutes from downtown San Diego
  • Admission attraction to buying full price
  • 100% local tour guide
  • Tram African Safari
  • Shows and input Tiger Trail
  • Small group size


  • Book a bus
  • Request Quote
  • Book a visit
  • Brewery Tours
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  • Tijuana Airport Shuttles
  • Affiliate Login / Register
  • San Diego Airport Shuttles

Santa Fe Train Depot / Five Star Tours Visitor Center

  • 1050 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101
  • Departure at 9:00 am
  • Removing in 18 hours
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Difference Between Singapore Offshore Companies And Resident Companies

Every year a few thousand foreign-owned businesses are registered in Singapore. Thanks to the liberal laws for foreign entrepreneurs in the country, Singapore has become one of the hottest destinations for setting up an offshore company. Out of the thousands of foreign-owned companies being registered in Singapore each year, quite a number of them choose to act as offshore companies while others are treated as resident companies.

Although the registration process for both are the same and have very similar laws, there are a few differences between the two.

Resident companies are essentially companies that are catering to the Singapore market. These are usually private limited companies and may have foreign shareholders. Foreigners are allowed 100 percent ownership in Singapore companies and hence they can easily set up a resident company in the country.

It is possible for both the shareholder and the director of the company to reside overseas. However, there is always one local director in the firm that must live within Singapore. These companies are treated the same as a local company, they sell their products and services in the local Singapore market and have the same annual filing requirements as local owned companies.

Offshore companies are similar to foreign-owned resident companies in Singapore. They also can have foreign shareholders and both the shareholder and director can reside overseas. However, in this case, even though the offshore company is required to maintain at least one local director, their services or products are marketed in an overseas market and not within Singapore. Offshore companies have their owners reside overseas and also have their business activities in another country.

The moment they try to cater to the local Singapore market, they would be treated as a resident company and the laws for local companies would be applied.

Offshore companies have the possibility of zero taxation when registered in Singapore. This is because Singapore does not tax foreign-sourced income as long as that income has not been brought inside of Singapore. While resident companies would have the need to remit foreign-sourced income to a Singapore bank account, offshore companies by virtue of having their entire business activities overseas may not need to remit any money to Singapore at all.

However, even if an offshore company in Singapore does not have any tax obligations, they would still have to file their annual returns and annual tax returns in the country.

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Virtual Makeovers Allow You To See Numerous Potential Makeovers

When a person changes their appearance by using cosmetics, it is known as a makeover. Through the use of computer software, many people choose to perform virtual makeovers. These programs start out by using a photograph of the person’s face. The person can then use the program to try out different types of cosmetics, hairstyles, glasses, and contact lenses, all without the hassle of physically going through these changes. These days, virtual makeovers are a very popular option.

Virtual Makeover Allow You To See Numerous Potential Makeovers

There is also a series of books, which are written for teenage girls on virtual makeovers. There are several experts who help you to perform the art of virtual makeovers. Usually, makeover artists specialize in hairstyling, make-up, clothing, etc. Nowadays getting a virtual fashion makeover is very easy.

Hairstyle disasters have long been the bane of many women. Most women would try their luck with a new hairstyle and then run home to hide if the look, looked disastrous. Those days are thankfully long gone with the new virtual hairstyle makeover. This program lets you try thousands of new styles with the click of a button. Its the new, no-risk way to try out a new “do” for a new you.

There are many advantages of doing virtual hairstyle makeover. You can choose your virtual hairstyle makeover from thousands of options: a mixture of thousands of hairstyles, hundreds of colors, tones and highlights. You are no longer restricted to those few magazines that you find at your beauty salon.

You can select your best look before heading out to a hair salon. And this time you are not having your style altered by your stylist. You are finally getting a hairstyle that you know will suit you. You can share your virtual hairstyle makeover ideas with friends and family before making the last decision.

The latest celebrity hairstyles can be yours. With virtual hairstyle makeover websites, you too can create a similar look. Hundreds of virtual makeover tools are at your fingertips. You should select a website by seeing how many different hairstyles and color options are available. The websites with over a thousand different variations are the best choice.

After finding a virtual hairstyle makeover service that meets all of your needs, there are some things you should keep in mind, including your face shape and your current hair conditions (thickness, elasticity, and such). You should also think of what it will cost to maintain your new hairstyle. Your new choice of style could require increased visits to the stylist, or you may need to purchase special products or equipment to care for it. Remembering these details can help make virtual makeovers more enjoyable.

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Touring The Great Town of Upminster

Upminster is one of the largest suburban towns of London situated on the northeastern side of the great capital city. The travel distance by road from London to the town of Upminster is approximately sixteen miles. Upminster has a great significance in the area due to its role in the cultural as well as financial activities of the capital city.

Touring The Great Town of Upminster

It has been described in the London Plan as a major center of financial and business activities of London which further marked the importance of the town. The town of Upminster can be compared to any highly developed urban towns with a lot of attractions and modernized living facilities. There are boulevards, shopping malls, residential apartments, housing schemes and many places for leisure and recreational activities.

There are sports clubs for the sports fans and the local residents seeking a place for physical fitness. The residents, as well as tourists of Upminster, hire a car or taxi from Upminster to Luton airport or any other airport in London for catching a flight.

The town of Upminster was originally a small rural village with limited facilities of life however its ideal strategic position in proximity to London made it rank among the modernized areas in Essex County of England. For starting your journey to the town of Upminster, it is advised that you look for an airport taxi from Luton airport to Upminster and reach out to your pre-booked accommodation such as hotel, guest house or an economical inn. The town of Upminster has good rail and road links to all the popular parts of the country especially its connection with the great town of London is up to the mark.

The financial history of the town of Upminster shows us a clear shift from agriculture to the garden suburb. During the suburban growth of London in the twentieth century, the town of Upminster experienced tremendous growth. In order to enhance business and economy in the town, great new transportation companies came into existence in the town. Whether you require a taxi or car from Upminster to Luton airport or any other major airport of London such as Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted, you can get it 24/7 at the most lucrative fares.

The best thing about the town of Upminster is that it not only progressed greatly in the transportation and land developments but many new projects for entertainment and leisure were also accomplished within a short span of time in order to facilitate and entertain the local residents as well as to accommodate tourists and promote the tourism industry in the area.

There are great deal of attractions that are sure to suit the interests of all kinds of people in the town of Upminster however the most popular attractions include Eltham Palace and Gardens, Gaucho, Havering Museum Ltd, Red House, Thames Barrier, The Crossness Pumping Station, Upminster Tithe Barn Agricultural and Folk Museum, Stubbers Adventure Centre, Upminster Park, Thames Chase, and many more. CrossCab lets you book a taxi or car from Luton airport to Upminster and enjoy your tour to the maximum while getting the best value for your money.

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Proactivity- A Vital Leadership Quality

In my many years of leadership experience, what I have discovered is that a key factor that instantly differentiates an effective leader and a mediocre one is proactivity. In his book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Steven Covey describes proactivity to be having the initiative to actively take massive action and emphasizes its importance in allowing a person to succeed in anything he does. It can be seen as preventive rather than reactive in handling problems.

Proactivity- A Vital Leadership Quality-1

Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States, proves this point. I believe many of you will agree with me that President Obama is among the more capable leader the United States has seen. When we begin to reflect on his policies and decisions, we may begin to realize that many of them have proactiveness at its heart. A case in point would be his healthcare reform movement.

Not since the time of President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1965 was there a plan for healthcare reform that was passed by both the House and the Senate; Presidents since then have attempted and failed to introduce reforms. President Obama could easily have concluded that it was not feasible to do so and hence drop the idea, allowing him to focus his attention on other pressing matters such as the economy or the troops in Afghanistan.

However, he realizes that having 45 million Americans uninsured for their healthcare bills is a valid and grave problem that America faces, and chooses to take action instead of letting the matter pass. In his joint speech to the House and Senate, President Obama urged the politician to see how they must not allow this to carry on and leave the matter for the next generation. The president was probably already aware when he decided to push forward that doing so would mean the path of highest resistance, and his popularity could also take a beating. However, his proactiveness spurs him to make the right decision versus the easy.

Often, it is easy to rest on our laurels and assume that no news means good news. It is convenient to think that as long as operations are running smoothly, nothing is wrong with the system. However, this could be the most fatal mistake a leader can make.

I once had the misfortune to witness a severe case of management gone bad due to complacency of the higher management, back in the country club I worked in. The higher management at that point in time was fairly nonchalant about the operations of the club and assumed no bad news to be good news. When not handling administrative matters or in meetings, the members of the higher management are often found playing golf or relaxing at the caf by the golf course. They rationalized their actions by thinking that as long as they have no commitments in the office, they are free to pursue their own enjoyment.

As such, they are often ignorant of the happenings at the office. Over time, their subordinate managers also decided that it was not necessary to inform them of any major events as they would not be much of help all the way from the golf course. The staff at ground level also became resentful of the higher management as they felt that should the higher management be so free, they could spend time understanding their issues and help to improve the working conditions of the organization as a whole rather than just care for their own enjoyment.

It was only after a major accident that occurred in the club premise that led the higher management to scramble to find their assumptions wrong. However, they were an accident too late and nearly the whole team was replaced.

We may have heard employees complain that the higher management knows nothing care about what happens at the ground. More often than not, this is a function of complacency and resting on laurels. Being proactive in solving problems helps to prevent this. More importantly, being proactive allows us to weed out any underlying problems that the team may face, that could potentially surface as a large obstacle in the future.

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Passing Your Mcse Exams On The Road To Microsoft Certification

To earn the Microsoft certified systems engineer certification and to prove expertise in designing and implementation of the infrastructure for business solutions based on the Microsoft Windows 2003 platform and Microsoft Windows Server system, the MCSE exam is the best medium.

MCSE exam is held to improve the expertise in designing and implementing Windows Server 2003 and other issues related to it. In order to take an MCSE exam, one needs to go through a fourteen-day MCSE training boot camp that helps in successfully becoming an MCSE. They use a custom-developed curriculum that is designed to provide both exam preparation and practical technology skills, ensuring that the examinee shall be ready for the performance-based testing Microsoft has introduced in their certification programs. Experience instructors have been arranged who possess many years of experience working with Microsoft operating systems and technologies both in the field and in the classroom.

Computer labs are designed using genuine PC technology, which provides each student having the ability to access various Microsoft operating systems simultaneously on their desktop. Due to this facility provided for the MCSE exam, students can access any time to practice for the exam throughout in order to maintain their progress and determine the areas that require further study of those Microsoft operating systems.

Different kinds of resources are provided to both students and instructors under this boot camp while preparing for the MCSE exam. These resources are based on the web and also distribute them after and before the classroom session so that both of them can share information. The online forum assists them to analyze different methods of programming. These centers are available for obtaining the certification goals. Pre-class preparation is essential to ensure complete success in an MCSE exam.

In the beginning materials and instructions are handed out which define as how to prepare for the exam. In addition to this, as earlier mentioned one gets to access online resources, which provide detailed course information, and additional preparation resources. These resources related to the discussion forums and private questions posed to the instructors also help in preparing for the MCSE exam as they help in clearing doubts and difficulties.

The boot camp for the MCSE exam is set up to ensure the success rate for the examinees as well to prepare them before the beginning of the classes. One testing voucher per MCSE exam is included with the course material. It ensures that the examinee is not misled. The limitation of the MCSE exam is provided during the class. The cost of retaking is borne by the examinee in case if he is unable to appear on the scheduled date. Also, if one feels that he would not be ready to take one or more exams during the boot camp then vouchers are handed out to enable the examinee to take the exam at a later date. This course can be retaken at free of cost but the testing fee and the courseware fee is not included. The validity for retaking the exams stands for six months.

The candidates should have at least one year of experience in using Windows NT, Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2003 server in a networking environment to be eligible to attend the boot camp for the MCSE exam. Along with this, there are several other pre-requisites for taking the exam. The candidate should have the knowledge of general networking concepts, IP addressing and sub-netting Active Directory Networking services. This gives the opportunity to brush up on technology skills and fill in any gaps in the knowledge base.

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4 Things to do After Installing Windows 7

Even though Windows 8 is out there in the market, yet a large number of users are using Windows 7. Windows 7 is one of the best operating system, which is fully packed with loads of helpful features. However, its default settings might not allow you to use it fluently. Therefore, if you want better performance, usability, and increase battery timings, you need to do a few things after installing Windows 7:

Anti-Virus for Windows 7

In order to keep your system protected against viruses, the foremost thing to do is to install an anti-virus system. An anti-virus tool offers great protection to your system against infections. There is a huge collection of anti-viruses available online, but protections like AVG and McAfee are good free choices.

Tweak Its Taskbar

In Windows 7, application buttons are combined on the taskbar that is often confusing especially when you are using more than two apps. You can avoid this complication by simply right-clicking on the taskbar, selecting “Properties”, and then choosing “Combine when taskbar is full” from the “Taskbar buttons” section. This will make it simple for you to use Windows 7.

Speed up Windows 7

You might experience a lack of performance with Windows 7 particularly if your system is not new. However, you can make adjustments accordingly in order to enhance the performance of Windows 7. Following are few recommendations for speeding up Windows 7:

1. Adjust for Best Performance

Write “View Advanced system settings” in the search bar of the “Start” menu and press enter. A new window will open in which you ought to click “Settings” underperformance section, and then choose “Adjust for best performance” and click “OK”.

2. Clean PC Registry

The registry of your system grows with the passage of time that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. The cleaning of the computer registry is a must to adjust your system for better performance. There are several ways you can use it in order to optimize the registry. However, using a free registry cleaner to repair the PC registry is recommended. Registry cleaners automatically find and fix the existing registry errors.

Set Wallpaper

If you are not Ok with Windows 7 default wallpaper, you can easily personalize it as per your likings. In order to set a wallpaper of your own choice, right-click on Windows desktop, click “Personalization,” click “Desktop Background”, and look for “Browse” in order to choose different wallpaper. Besides, you can download a wallpaper of your own choice and set it as your desktop background.

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