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Is Apple Search Engine Coming Up to Beat Google Search Engine?

Google has been the most popular in the search engine space for many years. At one time there were Yahoo and Bing that used to compete with Google, but now this is not the case.

Will Apple compete in this space of Google? According to the report, American tech company Apple is working on its search engine.

In a report by tech website Coywolf, some points have been mentioned, which is giving strength to this report that the company can bring its search engine.

According to the report, Apple is hiring engineers for its Spotlight search engine. Spotlight is an important search feature in Mac OS from where you can search content from your MacBook to the web.

Apple Search Engine

Apple extracts vacancy for search engines

There is a report that Apple has bypassed Google search in its new iOS 14 version.

Apple has also mentioned about the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the vacancy it has created for the Surge Engine. Now it is coming out of this that the company can implement all these in its search engine.

Default Google search in Apple device Anti-competitive?

According to a report by CoyWolf, the UK Competition and Market Authority may take a tough stance on the deal between Apple and Google’s search engines.

In the UK Competition and Market Authority report, it was said that Apple’s market share is quite high worldwide, the authority believes that since Google search is the default. Therefore, other search engines do not get a chance to enter mobile phones.

Google gives money to Apple so that Google is kept default in the device

It is worth noting that every year Google gives Apple millions of rupees to keep Google, the default search engine in iPhone, iPad and Mac OS. According to the report, this deal is ending soon.

It is also possible that Apple should end the partnership with Google for search engines. It is being told that Apple is investing more in search and is also putting resources.

Google Search is being bypassed in iOS and iPadOS 14. That is, you enter by typing in the default search box, then other websites open instead of going to Google search.

Now it is the same if you search something in iOS or Mac OS, then it redirects to the default Google search page. But this may change in the coming times.

Given all this, it is being speculated that Apple is working on an independent search engine and it can be launched as an alternative to Google, first in its device and then later for public.

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